About My Blog

Hey! Welcome to my blog. This is where I unburden my soul by airing my dirty laundry for the Internet to see. Most of what I'm hanging out on the clothesline here has been gathered up from my own comical life but please know that I have always dumped in a large capful of nonsense to keep the transitions fluffy and cling-free.

Here's a handy laundry-sorting guide for getting around the place:

The Darks: deep, dark secrets -- usually about my insecurities as a teacher

The Spin Cycle: my misadventures à la Lucy Ricardo

The Rinse Cycle: where I share my excitement about God

Mismatched Socks: Miscellaneous items -- usually fiction

The Brights: some cool people I know (a rare break from yammering about myself)

The Unmentionables: Really embarrassing stuff

The Delicates: I know some day the burden of my crummy hair will become too much and I'll launch into a tirade about the unfairness of God for making my hair the consistency of cotton candy. This is where that tirade will be filed.

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  1. Hi Andrea, I loved your yellow umbrella story. I think you're a great blogger. I've just launched my own blog and I'm looking to form a writer's group in the area (I'm in Chandler near Tempe and Ahwatukee). Let me know if you would be interested or know other blogger/writers who might be. My blog is located at www.shellysartblog.com



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