Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Swear I Will Act My Age From Now On: A Non-Blog

The Blog Killer traveling through the dark of night.
Oh, dear.  I'm afraid I have besmirched the respectable title of "Blogger."  My Friday evening was spent with a bunch of lovely ladies celebrating a friend's 30th birthday on a crazy double decker bus tour of Scottsdale's and Tempe's entertainment districts led by a bus driver with a decent but decidedly fake Russell Brand accent. I'm pretty sure the worst, most embarrassing things I did were prudishly refuse to enter a Hooter's with the rest of my party (but I would've done that anyway), give a dollar to a creepy Johnny Cash impersonator for playing Folsom Prison Blues, and declare that my evening would not be complete until I'd made out with a drag queen (but I would've said that anyway!) However, I cannot help but regret my indulgence because I paid for my fun-filled evening all day Saturday with a general feeling of "bleah."  The creative juices were curdled. Today was spent in a paper-grading frenzy. As a result, I have no blog post prepared for this weekend to entertain quite possibly my one and only reader - me. I feel just terrible about disappointing me.

And yet....

Well, if it were just me who was left without a ridiculous, frivolous blog to peruse, it might be enough to simply hang my head in shame.  But what if there are other people who were looking forward to reading this blog with a smug, "I could do better than that?"  What about them?  Where is their justice?

On the off chance that someone besides myself ventures under The Crooked Clothesline in search of mediocre entertainment, I must attempt to provide her with at least one laugh. To that end, I offer up this sacrifice, one of the most hideous images ever captured on film -- an undated school picture of myself.  I hope you will enjoy a a giggle, forgive my irresponsible blogging and consider dropping by next week.
Evil incarnate with buck teeth?

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